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Multitudes in nations throughout the world have been subjected to war, discrimination (in racial, religious, and financial aspects), among other factors that limit the freedom of citizens within. Considering the certitude that we are in the 21st Century, expectations have been high that freedom should be achievable. However, that is different in the real world situation.

So far, the media is highlighting animosity surrounding different regions whereby a huge section of people still suffers under governments and their fellow citizens. The United Allied States comprehends these disputes and is keenly aware of the urgency for adjustments to embrace everyone despite their origin or ability. It believes that freedom is the core principle to accomplish prosperity,


UAS and the Freedom for All

Freedom can be in individual or economic standards. In many situations, freedom is key to peaceful coexistence between different kinds of people. At this juncture, UAS has a clear dedication to solving these issues, affecting everyone on a global scale. Likewise, it expects to provide equal opportunities for everyone, security, distributing utilization of technology and financial advancements, raising the living standards of people, preserving the civil rights of members, and more.

UAS is taking necessary steps while putting into account the mistakes of past governments to create a more reliable government system. In that case, it is implementing several principles surrounding individual freedom and economic freedom alike.

Aspects of Economic Freedom

The whole idea surrounding economic freedom is giving people a choice to conduct an exchange for economic goods and services on their own. It realizes that people have a better insight into what they need compared to third parties. In most governments, the leaders decide on how to proceed with economic issues. UAS is determined to change this by giving power to people while ensuring they adhere to the necessary regulations. Therefore, it follows the basic elements of economic freedom in a government, including:


  • Rule of Law


People need the motivation to invest or acquire goods and services under the protection of a government. Therefore, the first section UAS looks at facilitating property ownership while maintaining protection once people own them. It will halt situations of land grabbing or other manipulations by whales within.

Moreover, UAS aims to be a fully effective government exercising judicial undertakings through well-constructed judicial systems. Thus, members will be free under human rights without the government finding loopholes to exploit the same. In turn, it will curb limitations in the past in freedom of speech, religion, from fear, and more, thus, covering the aspects of individual freedom.

Lastly, a transparent government is crucial for economic advancements. If it is involved in corrupt actions, there will be the misuse of funds supposed to progress a nation. UAS, being the first government, built on blockchain technology (Apollo Blockchain), will have a transparent system, free from issues like embezzlement, corruption, graft, and others. Therefore, it will rid itself of the practices that are detrimental to prosperity.

  • Free Markets

Current governments have extensive restrictions following trading. Most potential entrepreneurs end up giving up on their dreams due to the same. These hindrances mostly come in terms of trade regulations: increasing fees investors have to pay to the government; limitations in cash flow to large organizations, in capital input domestically and internationally, in the availability of funding, in how to trade, and in general investment opportunities; lack of transparency in financial institutions.

UAS’s objectives are to open doors for anyone anywhere and at any time to conduct their businesses as long as they follow set rules to avoid discrepancies. Besides, UAS wants to provide equal opportunities for funds to everyone who has a great idea in business while encouraging them to utilize its technology. Blockchain technology will ensure that everyone toes the line for credible trading.

  • Effective Regulations

This point relates to that on free markets in that it targets the elimination of rules that hinder economic progress to the larger population. The most responsibility lies in the departments of Finance, Labor, and Commerce. Reduced regulations and availability of permits for enterprises are on the front line of the departments’ visions.

Furthermore, the Labor department ensures the availability of job opportunities for every member of the UAS. All employers and employees get a chance to discuss freely terms of hiring to suit their personal needs without government interruptions.

This aspect also surveys the importance of a strong national currency. UAS will utilize Apollo Fintech’s technology to create the world’s strongest national currency. It will also utilize other solutions of the fintech company such as the Apollo National Currency System. UAS will maintain a high value of the currency by backing it with gold and increasing its backing. Implementing sustainable monetary policy is the next step to eliminate inflation and support market stability.

  • Government Size

This step is the most crucial to ensure the others work efficiently. The main points considered here are how a government spends, allocates its funds, and steps it takes to ease the tax burden. In a general view, these sectors determine the monetary conditions of the entire government and its effects on its citizens.

Eliminating tax burdens from citizens’ earnings is vital for their economic freedom of prosperity. Limiting spending, on the other hand, facilitates fewer debts that the government will incur. To attain this goal, the government needs to allocate the funds they have and evaluate their moves where funds are scarce. Overall, it protects the public from more financial setbacks allowing them to grow gradually.

Author’s Note

UAS has great determination to provide every member within it a gateway to a better financial future accompanied by better living standards. The best way to give everyone the tools to help it build towards overall prosperity depends vastly on their economic and individual freedom. These steps to freedom release developing countries from the constraints of greedy leaders and corrupt governments.

UAS accomplishing this vision for all its citizens will open doors to more opportunities, including better education, security, fair legal frameworks, more income for all, and more. UAS further puts more effort into research, finance, and technology for the best experience for people governed under it.


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