CryptoCashCow, la criptomoneda de las cripto-vacas

CryptoCashCow, the crypto-cow revolution has arrived

No, the author of this article has not become crazy. And it is neither a joke. Although this project can break with most of cryptocurrencies standards we know, this token is real and quite solid. First appeared the dogecoin, later the crypto-kitties… and know is the cow’s turn!

What is Crypto Cash Cow (CCC)?

CryptoCashCow is a platform where everyone can earn free tokens (CCC). You literally own crypto cows that generate free tokens. These tokens are based on ERC20 structure.


Basically, it is a game that pays you for playing.

CCC main goal is to make their token available to all the people. As they stated, right now the crypto-world is “cows” with cash. They understand as cows’ people with huge amounts of money willing to invest.

Notwithstanding the reality, CryptoCashCow wants to break this paradigm and offer free tokens to ever single person who wants them.

How does CryptoCashCow works?

First, we must understand that this token is not relying on any kind of super-secret technology that will change the world as we know it. It is more a satire that could become the next Dogecoin.

This platform has a total amount of ten cows. Each cow has different covers and abilities. You can create new looks for your cows and upload them. Moreover, all cows have their own level that can be upgraded. The highest level of your cow, the highest amount of CCC it will produce.

CryptoCashCow regala tokensIt is very easy  to participate in this project, you only need to register in their website and you will get a free cow. As we mentioned at the top of the post, their goal is to make tokens reachable to every single person in the planet, so they offer you the first cow for free. Remember that there is a cow limit relying on your level.

It is a really funny idea that will pay you just for playing. Once you have the token you can decide to invest more with new and better cows, hodl it or send it to your private wallet and sell it for Ethereum.


There will be a total amount of CCC tokens.

The presale started the last 14th of April and it will last until the 15th of May. During the presale there is a bonus of the 50%.

After the 15th of May the main sale will start until the 31st of October.


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